Environmental Design is a human-centered discipline that focuses on the total spatial experience—from the first moment of encounter to the last moment of interaction.

We approach spatial design from the inside out and learn to look at projects as total sensorial experiences. Our students look beyond the single object, moment or place to see how collectively they make an impact in projects ranging from branded retail, theme-driven dining, new hospitality, exhibition and residential design—delivering effective, inclusive environments using responsible material choices and manufacturing practices. Our emphasis on spatial experiences also makes Art Center graduates leaders in the design of furniture, lighting and interior/exterior living components.

We pursue a global sense of industry-driven design that investigates every aspect of where and how people live, work and play. Our students gain global awareness through Transdisciplinary Studio courses, international study abroad and Sponsored Projects classes with industry-leading com-panies, corporations and organizations. Our students also investigate Designmatters sponsored projects on behalf of humanitarian organizations globally. All of which amounts to a rich and diverse educational experience for students aspiring to be influential and impactful spatial designers.